on the island

Last Saturday the family all piled into the car with the intent of heading upto Whidbey Island.  It was going to be another hot day even though it wasn’t 10am yet.   When we got to the ferry line it was all the way up the hill, a two and a half hour wait at the least.  We decided to walk onto the ferry and have MIL pick us up on the other side.  Walking on, when not the ‘plan’, is always an adventure with the kids and all the accessories that come with them: car seats, blankets, bag of toys, etc.

We had a nice visit, had a nice lunch, the kids were able to expolre the property (10 acres), and look for deer, rabbits, and other wildlife.  There was one field of daisys and Daughter and I made a necklace of them.




Hubby took the kids for a ride on the lawn mower.  Daughter wasn’t too thrilled at the idea, but did go for a ride and loved it.  Son was excited about the ride and ended up hating it and screaming until Hubby stopped.  Go figure.


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