June wrap up

This is the last project, for Project Spectrum in Blue and for June.  I cast on this morning and have worked on it off and on all day, and here is the finished product.


pattern:  Mason-Dixon Washcloth
yarn:  Lion Cotton Americana
cast on/off:  June 30th
notes:  While I was making my first Mason-Dixon washcloth I thought I had miscounted on the eyelet row because my eyelets kept coming up uneven between the bobbles.  I was able to even them out and continued on to finish.  On this one I ran into the same trouble.  I looked, I counted, I charted it out . . . the way it is written you come out with uneven eyelets.  I switched to: 
[(k1, yo, k2tog) 3 times, k5, (k1, yo, k2tog) 3 times] 6 times 
and the eyelets are even between the bobbles.

After casting on 150sts
this is all the tail I had left, yikes!

In the last week I have knit up a few more of the Ballband Dishcloths.


pattern: Ballband Dishcloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting
yarn: (top to bottom)
    Lion Cotton Morning Glory Blue & Sugar n Cream Cornflower
    Lion Cotton Americana & Sugar n Cream Cornflower
    Lion Cotton Poppy Red and Denim Swirl
note: I finished another one in Sugar n Cream Ecru & Cornflower, but it is at the LYS as a sample for the Mason-Dixon book.




2 thoughts on “June wrap up

  1. You’ve got MDK fever!! Love the dishcloths. Did you check for errata for that pattern? The bib had a tiny change, although it was very obvious – what should’ve been BO was CO. 🙂

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