day of beauty

This morning I took daughter in to get her hair cut.  She has been growing out her bangs, she wants hair like Violet’s in The Incredibles, now they are long enough to cut her hair all the same length.  This will be much cooler for summer.

hc_before_front.jpg     hc_before_back.jpg

Yes, she’s sitting in a boat,
reading books, 
while getting her hair cut.

While waiting I was able to cast-on my first Project Spectrum project for July, a Mason-Dixon ballband washcloth.  I know, you’re shocked! 





4 thoughts on “day of beauty

  1. Awww…..she looks so cute. I think all girls that age should have bobbed hair..well, they probably don’t call it that anymore. My girls had their hair that way when they young. 🙂

  2. It suits her well!!! My 7 yo daughter also sports the same do. She had her waist length hair cut to a bob last September. It is so much easier to maintain.

    Your washcloths look great!

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