get along little cowgirl

For three days last week (Wed-Fri), Bug attended the Little Buckaroo day camp thru the YMCA.  We opted to do the three day camp after the 4th of July instead of the 5 day the other weeks, since this would be her first time at camp.  We should have done the 5 days, she loved it.  Friday was the graduation/parent show and we drove about 45 min to the camp for the show. 

Bug did wonderfully.  She rode her horse, Porsche, thru the weaving cones, did the ring and wand drops (kind of a prelude to barrel raceing – at a walk), and trotted around the ring.  That’s my girl!


As you can see, even in the middle of a trick she stops to pose for the camera.  I swear that girl can sense a camera focusing on her at 50 paces.


Most of the kids were on ponies but a couple of the taller kids were put on horses, guess they ran out of ponies.  Bug was on the largest, but slowest, of the horses, and she was in love.  Now of course she want a pony of her own, so she can ride it around the back yard.  Sure, honey, that’s gonna happen. Not.

Bug and Porsche

Bug was in the morning graduation and she had the option to go home with us at lunch time or to stay for the rest of the day and come home on the bus.  She chose the bus.  I’m glad she did because she was able to ride quite a bit more after the afternoon graduation.  Most of the kids went home with their parents after the graduations and the few kids that opted to stay were able to get some extra riding time. 

On the way home from the graduation Hubby took a detour to Little Mountian Park, in Mt. Vernon.  There is a winding road that gous up the mtn to an elevation of about 940′ with overlooks of the Skagit Valley.


From the main parking lot & view point there was a trail to the north lookout, which turned out to be a bridge to nowhere.


I was a little wigged out about the bridge, the deck of it wasn’t solid.  As long as I didn’t look down I was ok.  Ummm, I looked down.  I felt like Donkey on the bridge in Shrek. “I looked down, Shrek, I looked down!”  Once I got out to end I was ok.  Bubba had no fear, ran right out to the end and tried to climb up on the railing. Oh, to be four again.


Mt. Baker was partly hiding in the clouds.


On the way home (an on the way up) I was able to do some more knitting on Bug’s sweater.  I am knitting a top down raglan and while driving came to the point where I needed to place the stitches for the sleeves onto some waste yarn.  I pulled out my knitting notions and rummaged thru it, no needle.  Well, how could that be.  I looked again and again and again.  Nope, no needle.  Shoot.  Now what? 

I found a crochet hook and shoved a point protector on the end and threaded the sleeve stitches onto it.


I then, very carfully, pulled a piece of yarn thru the stitches and tied them off.  I almost lost some stitches because I didn’t keep enough tension on the hook.  It all worked out and I was able to continue knitting.


When we got home I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and getting ready to go to eastern WA.


One thought on “get along little cowgirl

  1. Way to go Bug!! You look good on that pony. I know exactly how you feel about heights,but I would have looked down too. My heart would have stopped to see Bubba run to the end like that, and then to start climbing too. Instant heart attack. My heart almost stopped at the pics of you pulling the yarn through your sleeve stitches too, but your improvision was really ingenious.

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