road trip

We headed out early on Saturday morning on our trip to Prosser.  Hubby drove, I knitted, the kids colored and asked for snacks and water and we all listened to kids CDs from the library.

We made good time and arrived at the farm a little after noon. It was good to see the family, it has been quite a while since we have been over to see every one.  Bug was introduced to Game Boy, by one of Hubby’s cousins.  Bubba was very interested in what she was doing but Bug told him, “Bubba, I’m trying to focus here!”


I finally had to pry it out of her fingers so we could head over to our hotel while the others got ready to go to the Gala.  After checking in Hubby took the kids down to the pool.  I followed after unpacking and Hubby and I talked while the kids played in the wading pools.  The hotel has a very cool pool the two wading pools and the main pool are all connected and it is easy to go from one to another.ÂÂ


While Hubby and I were chatting Bubba ran past us, right into the main pool.  The main pool where it was 6′ deep.  He went under, bobed up, and went under again.  Hubby jumped in and pulled him back to the surface.  He was fine.  No crying, no screaming.  I’m glad Hubby was wearing his swim trunks instead of his shorts with his wallet, pager, cell phone, etc. in them.  Hubby spent the rest of the time swimming with the kids and they had so much fun, maybe it was a good thing Bubba needed to be rescued.


After dragging them out of the pool, Hubby headed off to get dinner while I got the kids ready for bed and discovered the hotel had pay-per-view.  We ended up watching Curious George while eating dinner.  Very cute movie, might have to buy this one.  The kids wouldn’t settle down so we ended up each sleeping with one kid, Bug clung to me like a leach all night.ÂÂ

The next morning we packed up the car and headed over to the Blue Goose for breakfast with the family.  We were late, but not the last.  Most of the family had finished eating and headed off to the farm, we ate and chatted with Hubby’s cousin and his wife (who is expecting a baby boy in October – I see baby knitting on the horizon) then the rest of us migrated out to the family homestead for pictures.

This is most of the family, a few of the cousins
had wandered out into the vineyard.

We had a very nice visit, but everyone had to hit the road so we headed out, too.  Did I mention it was hot, REALLY HOT, in the mid to upper 90s, and we don’t have air conditioning in the the car.  Really, really hot, but as we climbed into the mountains it cooled down, thank goodness.  On the way home Hubby drove . . .


I knitted (actually I didn’t get as much knitting done as I thought I would on this trip) . . .


Bug played with her pony and colored . . .


and Bubba slept . . .


About an hour from home there was a terrible tragedy.  We were driving along listening to Seal Maiden: a celtic musical when a piercing scream went out from the back seat.  Bug had dropped her pony out the window, She had been letting her pony run along side the car (which she knows she isn’t supposed to do) and she accidently let go.  She pleaded with up to go back and get pony but we were in an area of the freeway where there were no exits and we would have had to back-track quite a ways to get back to where the pony had been dropped.  That is assuming that the pony was still in one piece.  Bug was devistated, she cried and cried and looked out the back window crying, “Good bye pony, I’ll miss you!”  It was heart breaking, but I think she learned a valueable lesson.


3 thoughts on “road trip

  1. AAhh, poor Bug. Sometimes those life lessons are hard. I just finished a top down raglan for my daughter, you have to love those seamless patterns.

  2. Poor Bug… I let a beloved blankie fly out the window when I was little. I screamed non-stop until my parents made it to an exit and backstracked. What a monster I was!

    Sounds like you had a great getaway other than that!

  3. Poor Bug. My mother-in-law tells a story of my husband when he was little and they were going through Nashville. They heard him saying “uh oh uh oh” over and over. They looked back and there was a long string of toys and socks and shoes behind the car, he had been tossing stuff out of the car window. He was younger than Bug though.

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