nifty knitter

There is a new knitter in my house.  Bug wanted me to teach her to knit, again.  Last time she got frustrated and gave up.  This time I bought her a set of knitting looms.   She took to them like a duck to water.  I started by showing her how to set up the first rows and before I had even gotten all the way around the loom she said, “Ok, mom, I can do it myself.”  And she did.


This is her first FO, a hat for her baby doll made from two strands of encore worsted in pink and purple.  It took her less than two days.


As soon as she finished the first hat she was bugging me to let her “pick out her own yarn” from my stash . . . ummm, hold on there little girl that’s MY stash, get your own . . . no, wait, here . . . and I gave her a bunch of colors of Cascade 220 to choose from.  She picked light pink and white, and she is making a hat for herself.  If it turns out too small for her she wants to donate it to “the children who don’t have a hat”, so it will go to the Dulaan Project if that’s the case.


7 thoughts on “nifty knitter

  1. What a brilliant idea! My daughter has done the same thing every time I’ve shown her how to knit on needles. Maybe she needs a loom. . . How old is Bug?

  2. I had those round knitting things when I was a kid. I had some that were really small, and I used to make long “ropes” and sew them together to make doll mats. I’d really like to get some for my boys. The six-year-old likes to try to knit, but I think he’d do great with one of those. He could make hats for Dulaan! The three-year-old could try, too!

  3. Please pass my congratulations on to Bug!! Not only has she taken to knitting like she was born to it (hmm, considering who her mom is… maybe so!), but she’s already knitting for the community. That is SO COOL.

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