lace, that is.  I finished a project that qualifies for the Amazing Lace, ’bout time.  Oh, and I completed the Pit Stop.


pattern:  Lacy Mock Cable – July Monthly Dishcloth KAL
yarn:  Lion Cotton – Grape
needles:  Clover Bamboo US7
cast on: July 25th   cast off:  July 26th

I also finished knitting up Branching Out today, not much to look at right now, I’ll block it this weekend.




While writing this post I got a call from Hubby.  He locked his keys in the car, with the lights on.  I grabbed the kids and we headed out to rescue him.  Luckily he was only a couple of miles away and it didn’t take long to get there.  I handed him my keys and he walked over to his car, then came back.  “Umm, do you have the key?” “It’s on the ring.” “No, it isn’t.”  Shit!  when Hubby had work done on his car a few weeks ago I gave him my key, I didn’t get it back from him.  Just as we were about to call a tow truck to get them to open the car a locksmith pulled into the parking lot. $40 later he had his keys and when I got home I found the key sitting on the dresser, sigh.


5 thoughts on “amazing

  1. Your lace projects look great! Clever girl, killing two birds with the same stone (Amazing Lace and Project Spectrum)!

    Heh heh! It’s too bad about the $40, but your car key story was too funny! I could totally see that happening to me as the Hubby is always removing keys from my keychain because he thinks it’s too bulky!

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