pms spending

I woke up cranky this morning and it didn’t get any better when I went into the kitchen and found recycling sitting on the counter, I mean, how hard is it to put it in the recycling box?  Then Hubby made himself a cup of tea, did he ask me if I wanted any? No, he did not.  Little things I know, but the fact that I was so irritated tells me PMS is in full swing.  So, I went shopping.


My first stop was JoAnn where I picked up more Sugar ‘n Cream for Mason-Dixon Knitting, the new KnitSimple and a Burda pattern.  The child’s cable sweater in KnitSimple is too cute and I think I will knit it up for Bubba. 

The next stop was Great Yarns! where I picked up the two skeins of Cashmerino Aran for Fetching and a set of blocking wires.

My last stop was the library to pick up a few things I had put pn hold: A Gathering of Lace, Sweaters from Camp, Knitting Workshop, and Knitting Around on VHS.  Do you sense a theme?

Branching Out is now blocked, on the new blocking wires, on my bed (I was shocked at how soft Silky Wool is after you wash it, even while still damp),  Knitting Around is on the TV, and I’m about to cast on Fetching, pure bliss.

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