August will be a full month for us, tho, maybe not as full as July was, come to think of it.  Hubby, will be on vacation for two weeks and we will spend one week of it at the coast. The kids will have swimming lessons everyday for two weeks. Bug keeps asking about ballet lessons, and I need to look into tumbling/gymnastics for Bubba before he breaks his neck standing on his head and doing semi-summersaults.

As for Project Spectrum, I have been comtemplating what I will be knitting.  August is neutral colors.  I’m not much of a neutral color gal, but, as I went thru my stash I had more neutral yarn than I had thought.

neutral yarns

Some of the yarns were a bit of a stretch, neutrals with other colors, like socks yarns that are mostly brown/tan with blue mixed in, or mostly grey/black with blue.

Possible projects for August Project Spectrum knitting:

  • seam up and finish ribbing Bug’s sweater – white
  • Crosspatch for Dulaan Project – grey & green
  • MDBD – what’s a month without a dishcloth
  • to get a head start on the holiday knitting:
    socks for BIL – brown – elann Esprit, coffee bean
    socks for other BIL – grey – elann Esprit, charcoal
    We Call Them Pirates for Hubby – grey & ?

Other WIPs

Other projects in the queue:

I think I will start doing these lists around the first of each month, can’t hurt to keep track.


3 thoughts on “August

  1. The lists are a good plan; maybe I’d actually make some progress and finish some projects if I knew all the WIPs I have going.

    Pretty, neural stash.

  2. I like the neutral yarn picture – I don’t think those yarns are cheating, since the distinct impression of the photo is neutrals!

    Yowza, that’s quite a list!

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