fair weather

Yesterday after the Great Yarn Giveaway, we met up with my parents and headed off to the Evergreen State Fair.  I was able to knit on the way up and finished the hat.  We arrived around lunchtime, mmmm fair food.  After indulging in all the best that is fair cuisine we headed off to the exhibits.  

The handspinners and weavers, and by extension the items knit with said handspun yarn, had a GREAT setup.  There were half a dozen, or so, spinners spinning on various wheels, one of the two male spinners even had one of the electric production wheels.  There was also a needle felter and a locker rug maker.  The item knit and woven from the handspun yarn, and some handspun skeins were beautifully displayed.  

The knitted, and crocheted, items not made from handspun were not afforded the same respect.  Not. Even. Close.  Those items were in another part of the building all folded, laying flat on display tables, under a sheet of stapled down clear plastic.  ugh!  It was bad.  There weren’t that many items either.  I am so going to enter next year and I’m thinking about contacting the fair and seeing about trying to upgrade the display and maybe see about getting a knitting demo going or try and ogranize something with the spinners and get in on that action.

The kids had fun, they got to ride on tractors . . .

 grind their own flour . . .

and go on some rides . . .



All in all it was a good day.

One thought on “fair weather

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day – and it looks like perfect weather.

    I don’t think the knitting display is quite as bad at our State Fair (no plastic stapled over the exhibits at least), but they do cram everything into one way too small display case.

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