the hat

I was able to finish the hat on the way to the fair. 

pattern:  Ann Norling #55 – Head Huggers
yarn:  Marfi (?)  Stripe (I lost the ball band, but I know it was called Stripe)
needles:  Colver bamboo US8
cast on:  Aug 24th   cast off:  August 26th
notes:  If hubby had actually liked the hat (grrr) I would have ripped back the decreases and about 1/2-1″, to shorten it a bit.  Hubby did like the overall fit, he didn’t even mind the length (I did), and he liked how light it was, he just didn’t like the stripes I guess.  Oh, well, it’s not like it was a long or difficult knit.  I’ll make him one in a solid color, later.

ETA: This hat will be going to the The Dulaan Project.  Hubby doesn’t want it and it’s too big for the kidlets, although they both like it, and I really don’t feel like ripping it out and reknitting it to fit either of them. It’s not like I don’t have any more yarn with which to knit them each a hat.


3 thoughts on “the hat

  1. Well…..I like the hat! And, I have learned that if they are not initially overwhelmed with excitement about something you have knit for them they will never wear it. Is this hat destined to belong to someone at least? I hope?

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