how many socks would a woodchuck knit if a woodchuck could knit socks

I was over at Wrap and Turn on my daily blog crawl, she mentioned she has enough sock yarn to knit 17 pairs of socks.  That got me to wondering how much sock yarn I have lurking in my stash.  I know it’s more than 17 pairs, but really, how out of control has my stash gotten?  If I were to knit up all of my sock yarn during Socktoberfest how many socks would I have to knit each day?  One and a half?  Five?

I think this one is in need of a contest.  

How many socks would I have to knit each day during
Socktoberfest to use up all of my sock yarn stash?

Yes, this involves math.  The closest without going over and I’ll send you . . . umm . . . gee . . . I don’t know . . . SOCK YARN!

Post your guess in the comments by midnight (pacific time) September 30th and  I will announce the winner at noon on October 1st.


27 thoughts on “how many socks would a woodchuck knit if a woodchuck could knit socks

  1. I’m trying to figure out the math for this (I think I’m overthinking this, typical me!) I’m going to say 3.032258064516129… socks per day…. for a total of 47 pair. Is that right? Thank goodness for calculators.

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  3. With 17 skeins, I would have to knit 1.09 per day. You have more? I am going to say 1.9. That’s 30 pairs right? As Barbie once said before she got recalled, “Math is hard.”

  4. Okay, I know I would have to knit a LOT of socks to dump my sock yarn stash….I am going for 3 socks a day X 31 =93 socks = 46.5 prs! Yikes

  5. I am goint to say 2.8 socks per day for 31 days for a total of 86 socks, or 43 pairs.

    I think that according to what people are saying, I need to go out and buy some sock yarn. I’ll just explain to my hubby how behind I am compared to fellow knitters, hehe.

    What a great idea for a contest, this was fun!

  6. I’m going to guess an even number – 2 socks per day or one pair – for 62 socks or 31 pairs in a month with 31 days. Normally I knit one pair and buy enough to replace the one ball and one extra in the stash. So maybe that’s not enough. (lol)…

  7. I bet you have a ton of sock stash so I am going to guess 4.1 socks a day which will leave you just shy of 128 pairs.

    Answer 4.1 x 31 days = 127.1 pairs

    Some how I bet it is more though…can’t wait to find out…..and dream of when I have a sock stash like yours!!!!

  8. What the? Is there secret info re: your stash to be found here?
    People are having some pretty specific numbers…
    I am going with 2.5 per day.
    For no mathmatical reason at all.
    That number just appeals to me.

  9. I’m going to say you’d have to knit 2 socks per day. I counted your stash in the yarn gallery and I saw 28 pairs worth of sock yarn. But I’m also guessing that either you own some other yarn that is not pictured, or that some of the yarn that is pictured could be used to make socks. So I’m guessing an extra 3 pairs of socks worth. Keeps my math dead simple too. 🙂

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