I have finished the Socks of Doom, actually I finished them last night. 

pattern: International Sock of Doom
yarn: Regia 6ply Crazy Colors
needles: Clover Bamboo US5
cast on: September 23rd  cast off: September 27th 

I should be thrilled, but I have no one to send them to.   I contacted my victim and, oh, yeah, sorry, I dropped out.  I’m glad I hadn’t just sent them off without contacting her.

Ok, I contaced her victim and received an odd reply indicating that she hadn’t received the information and that was why she had e-mailed me the first time.  Huh?  I replied that I didn’t think I was who she thought I was and explained the whole thing (again).  I explained about the trouble YM had with Hurricane Gordon and how all the info was posted at YM’s blog.  Later I found her victim info and e-mailed her again.  No reply, to either e-mail.  Hmmm.  Tonight I e-mailed again letting her know I was going to assume (yes, I know the saying) she was not interested in playing Sock Wars and I would go ahead and contact her victim, and I did.  Now, I just get to wait for my victim’s victim’s victim to reply.  Maybe I’ll be able to send out the socks tomorrow, or Saturday. 

My assassin has e-mailed me to let me know that my death is already in the post.  Luckily, they have to come all the way from the UK, so I might have a chance to mail mine out before being neutralized.


5 thoughts on “doomed

  1. I just answered your e-mail. Whoa – confusing situation you found yourself in there!
    Cr*p – I just saw your web ring list – are you only in Seattle??
    I guess I am knitting all night tonight.
    I really wanted to make it through one round. And I would have too, if it hadn’t been for those pesky kids…
    On the upside your socks look fantastic! I will be very lucky to receive them.
    Your cuff looks much smaller than mine – and that is good ’cause the pair I am finishing is loose on me.
    I’m going to go poke around your blog before I go knit myself into a coma!
    Check your e-mail Ginger!

  2. Awesome socks. Your victim’s victim’s victim will love them. You’re lucky to have an assassin far away; mine is in Ohio and my socks arrived this afternoon. It’s official; I’m dead.

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