and the winner is . . .

With a guess of 2.8 socks per day, the winner is Kristen!

I actually have enough sock yarn to knit 43.5 pairs of socks,  2.806451613 socks per day.  Yes, half a pair.  I have several single skeins that were purchased for colorwork or for small childrens socks. 

Comments were made about it depending on the size of the sock, etc.  Sheesh, we’re talking average women’s socks here, not socks for my bigfoot hubby who wears a men’s 11 or for my 4yo.  Really, let’s not make this complecated.

For the purposes of this contest I considered one 50g skein/ball of sock yarn to equal 1 sock and a 100g skein/ball of sock yarn to equal one pair.  I know you can make socks out of any yarn, but we’re talking just yarn meant for socks.  I’m not counting all the yarn in my stash, no way, denial is lovely this time of year.

Congratulations Kristen!


6 thoughts on “and the winner is . . .

  1. Congrats, Kristen!

    But really, would you want to knit yourself 43.5 pairs of socks and leave your husband and child with cold feet?

    (Yes, I have to admit that my mind tends to seek out the ridiculous possibilities.)

  2. I had nearly forgotten I was expecting a package (I have a very bad memory these days), but it just came on Monday. THANK YOU so much, it made my day! I am thoroughly looking forward to finishing a pair of socks so I can get started on something with the new stuff!!

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