October is Socktoberfest, a time for celebrating socks. I have many socks to knit for the holidays and they will be my primary focus this month. 

Last night I was working on a pair of holiday socks and Hubby started in, again, about how he would like a pair of handknit socks.  No way! After the whole hat fiasco, I think not.


Other projects in the queue:

  • Holiday knitting
    Lace Leaf or Spinner’s Shawl (small)
    Shetland Triangle Shawl (small)
  • sew up a bag for Bug’s lunch kit
  • sew some napkins for Bug’s lunch kit
  • Baudelaire
  • RPM
  • cotton vest for Bubba
  • Trellis for Cousin’s baby, due this month
  • Cable Rib Cardigan
  • Chunky Girls Sweater – Family Circle Easy Knitting – Fall 2001 - #5  
  • Hat to match Bug’s Einstein Coat
  • Tomten for Dulaan and Zimmermania!

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