suicide socks

I died on October 4th with this very cozy pair of ISOD. I haven’t blogged about it because I wasn’t sure what I was going to write, but I guess truth is best. 

When I opened the envelope I laughed.  Yes, I laughed!  For probably ten full minutes.  You see, I can be a bit of a Martha.  How it seems as opposed to how it really is.  I guess it could be seen as being superficial, but I think it is an over compensation for other short comings.  You see, I’m fat.  Not the “gee I feel so fat, I should loose 5lbs” fat, but the “I need to loose another person worth of weight” fat.  I usually get judged as being lazy and stupid before I get two words out of my mouth.  Because if I was smart and would just put the fork down and get up off my fat @ss I wouldn’t be that fat.  Yeah.  So, I overcompensate.  I try show them how great I am, how giving, how funny, how self depricating, how . . . whatever would make them happy.  Pathetic, I know.  Ok, back to the socks.  I opened the envelope and here are these utterly imperfect socks. 

I was shocked!  I mean how could someone send out socks looking like this?  What would people think?!  Then it dawned on me, my assassin worked hard on these socks, she is a new sock knitter and she did her best given the pressure of Sock Wars (people were staying up all night the first night to get their socks in the mail the next day, for gosh sakes, crazy), she took the time to e-mail me several times and we had a bit of a rapport going on, considering she was trying to kill me and all.  It didn’t matter at all that they weren’t perfect, they were perfect enough.  F#ck what people think!  I put them on, and they are the coziest socks I have ever worn.  In fact, I washed them earlier today and I’m wearing them right now.

Two weeks ago I went to Sock Sorority at my LYS and started these socks.   They are for the Holiday Knitting ’06 and will be for one of the BILs, the one who is ‘alergic’ to wool.  The pattern is Gentleman’s Fancy Socks, from Nancy Bush’s, Knitting Vintage Socks. I am using Elann Esprit (cotton/elastic), so I have had to make a couple of modifications, but nothing major.  These socks are takeing FOREVER to knit, no not socks . . . SOCK . . . one singular.  I forgot how long 2×2 rib takes to knit when it’s almost the whole sock is ribbed.

I needed to take a break, and I love my Sock Wars socks so much I decided to make myself another pair, can’t have to many warm house socks when it starts to get cold.  I grabbed a ball of Cascade 220 Superwash and away I went.  Since they are the Socks of Doom and I’m knitting them for myself, I have dubbed them the Suicide Socks.

6 thoughts on “suicide socks

  1. Ok, I love that your assassin sent you those socks and that they are comfy! Damned impressive for a new knitter! And the Suicide Socks – brilliant. 🙂

  2. Your suicide socks look great – the wool is a fab colour.
    HA! I need to lose a whole person too – and not the little kind that I work with either!
    I don’t think you need to ‘show’ people how great you are – you ARE great.
    But I do know exactly what you mean. It sucks to always be assuming people are thinking badly of you.
    Your Socks of Doom look pretty neat after all. It is a nice colour! Warm cozy socks are a winter must – so there you have it.
    You have out Martha-ed Martha!

  3. Good for you for being so understanding!! Those socks are quite unique I have to admit.
    Oh and I think, no wait, I know that you are fab-you are wonderful, giving and just great no matter how much that scale claims!!! We all know that!

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