more socks

I finished off another pair of socks from the Holiday Gift List.

pattern:  based on Gentlemen’s Plain Winter Sock with Dutch Heel from Knitting Vintage Socks, by Nancy Bush
yarn:  Knit Picks Essential Solid – Dusk
needles:  Clover Bamboo US3
cast on:  October 21st  cast off: October 26th 
notes:  These socks are based on the socks from Knitting Vintage Socks because I misread the pattern when I was ordering yarn for the project.  I read the first line of the pattern which says “with yarn doubled, cast on …”  Oh, hey, I thought to myself, these will knit up in a jiff with the yarn doubled.  I ordered the yarn and when it arrived I sat down to start knitting.  “Cut off extra strand of yarn.”  WTF!  The socks are knit with the yarn doubled for the cast on but one strand for the rest of the sock.  But, I have all this sock yarn!  So I went ahead and knit the socks with the yarn doubled and just fiddled with the numbers to make it work.



7 thoughts on “more socks

  1. Can you NOT make socks so fast!! I had a sock pattern and some new yarn jump out at ,village yarn and tea, and grab me by the throat. Its a sickness. I got some Purplish varigated. Must be for me huh? Sorry I missed you at the shop. Kim told me you’d been there earlier 😦

  2. I really love these socks, they look so soft and cozy, and the color you were using is so gorgeous! Very well done, and I can’t believe how *fast* you knit them up!

  3. Five day socks? You are amazing! They turned out very well, even if they are not the way the pattern reads – better yet, they are warmer! 🙂 Thank you so much for being a part of Socktoberfest!

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