a little knitting

Saturday morning I went to the LYS to hang out, drink tea and knit. I did end up purchasing two skeins of sock yarn, one of which I started knitting with before I even paid for it, a skein of Trekking XXL #62. The other skein is Lana Grossa Meilenweit colortweed #1009. I am so happy that they have gotten in more “man colored” sock yarns, you can only knit so many pairs of pink socks.

I have to say that I fought with the Trekking XXL for two days. Love the yarn, but it is a tad thinner than the previous sock yarns I have used and I had a terrible time getting a gauge I was happy with. I finally realized that a gauge of 8.5sts/1” was not going to work when I am knitting for size men’s 10.5, on a deadline. Just too many stitches to even contemplate at this time, so I placed the Trekking into stash and did a bit of diving to find some lovely green Kroy Sock.

I swatched, found a gauge I was happy with, did a bit of math, looked in some sock books, did some more math and some graphing, looked in another sock book and finally decided on  K3 P3 for the ribbing and K5 P1 ribbing for the leg and instep. I am in love with these socks! No, really I am! Simple but elegant, I think. 

It’s not the best picture, but I think you can see how the K5 is centered under the K3 ribbing at the top.  If you can’t, well, believe me, it is, like this:

Oh, and that’s the colortweed I mentioned above, in the background.

I am sad Socktober is coming to an end.  There is no way I will be finished with these socks by tomorrow so it looks like my tally for Socktober will be two pair, plus one sock plus whatever I can finish of the sock above.  Not to shabby.


4 thoughts on “a little knitting

  1. Simple and elegant is the best way to go in my book! I like the dark green! What really caught my eye is that lovely skein of LG behind it – love those colors! 😉

    Socktoberfest goes on all of the time 😉 Thank you so much for being a part of this!

  2. I love that Meilenweit in the background, very nice and manly (but I would have to keep it for myself). I can’t believe Socktoberfest is over either (these months are going by too quickly).

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