a good night

I hope you all had a happy Halloween.  Here is a (not so great) pic of our pumpkins. 

The night before I stayed up very, very late to make Bug’s vest for her cowgirl costume.  It is loosely based on New Look 6336, but I had to make some modifications due to the fabric.  I can honestly say I hate sewing with moleskin.  It is a nice substitute for suede, so soft, has a very nice drape and I hate it.  It won’t hold a crease.  I wanted to do a turn and stitch edge so I pulled out the iron and turned and pressed and pressed and pressed.  Nothing, and that’s great if you a garment that’s wrinkle resistant, but not if you want a crease — on purpose.  Ok, I winged it and it worked, for the most part (good enough for a costume).  The other thing is that it ravels like crazy.  Also not good for the turn and stitch edge.  Oh well — costume!

This year we implemented a toy trade after trick or treating.  We have put the kids on the Feingold Program, most of the candy from trick or treating has artificial dyes and flavorings.  I stopped by they grocery store and hit the health food section and picked out some “good candy” a then hit the toy store for a toy for each of them.  They were both thrilled, Bug is a quite the little artist and loved the Spirograph and Bubba was thrilled with the wooden Firetruck (on sale for 60% off!). 

A win-win in my opinion, they went trick or treating, still get some candy and they each got a toy to keep; and we don’t have to deal with the usual sugar overload. 

Umm . . . don’t ask what happened to the candy from trick or treating.  What?  No, that’s not chocolate on my face.  It’s not, shut up!


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