great hat

While in the checkout line at Trader Joe’s a couple of days ago I spied a great crochet hat.  It was quite colorful and well made, it reminded me, very generally, of this hat from IK.

Yes, I know the hat in the picture is knit not crochet, and no, the colors were different and yes, the colorwork was very different.  It was more the shape of the hat and the construction of the earflaps that brought this pattern to mind.  Clear as mud? 

I asked the young woman wearing it if she had made it, and commented on how great it was when she said she had. 

Young Male Cashier: “Why would you ask that?  That’s a really great hat.”

Me: “That’s why I asked, it is a great hat.”

YMC: “Well, usually you can tell when someone made them.”

Me: “What?”

YMC: “Ya know, they can be pretty bad.”

Me: *sigh*


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