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Over at the Knitter’s Review Forums there is a whole section of discussions on the “Ideal Knitting Bag” and a specific thread on what is actually in the bag.  It got me to thinking about my knitting bags and what I have in them.

First, I have too many knitting bags, baskets, etc.  I use all of them (so, maybe I don’t have to many), usually with one project in each one so I can just grab whatever I’m in the mood to knit and go.  Some of them just have yarn stored in them.

My latest knitting bag, isn’t.  I needed a new purse for fall/winter, my green Coach just isn’t a four season bag, more of a spring/summer bag.  I headed out looking for new purse that would hold all my “purse junk” (wallet, PDA, checkbook, cell phone, brush, etc) and would have enough room for a small knitting project, all without resorting to using a giant tote bag all the time.  Since I can only justify purchasing a Coach once every 10 years or so I hit Ross (yes, Ross) to sort thru the three aisles of bags.  I finally decided on this one:

I love the small pockets for my cell and PDA, and the fact that the center pocket divides the purse into two good sized sections, one for the “purse stuff” and the other for the knitting.  I love having a knitting project with me all the time.  Before this bag I always carried my knitting seperately, so many times I was left waiting while the knitting was in the car.  Now, I find myself pulling it out whenever I have a spare moment.

I also have several small accessory bags.  The mostly have the same things in them, but may vary slightly:

  • chibi
  • scissors
  • crochet hook
  • point protectors
  • tape measure
  • calculator
  • needle/stitch gauge
  • stitch/row markers
  • stitch holders
  • pen & highlighter
  • small post-its
  • cable needle
  • small spiral notebook
  • row counter

If I am “going knitting” I will usually take a larger project (or two) in a seperate knitting bag along with a new knitting magazine and a reference book or two.


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