knitting? what knitting?

My knitting pace has slowed to a crawl.  Hubby has been working long, and odd (3am to 1pm or later), hours.  I’ve just been plain tired because I’m staying up to late to avoid waking hubby when I get into bed.  He’s going to bed about 7pm and I feel bad disturbing him when he has to get up at 1:30am, but then I have to be up in the morning to feed the kids, make lunch and get Bug onto the school bus.

I am almost to the toe on the first green sock.  I’m not sure what will be cast on next, I have the second brown sock waiting for me as well as the second green sock.  Maybe I’m getting a bit socked out, I could finish Quinn, then start on the second socks.  I am almost finished with the body of Quinn then I have to knit something like 16′ of two stitch i-cord to knit for Quinn.  Maybe I’ll just cast on those socks after all.


3 thoughts on “knitting? what knitting?

  1. I know the feeling……My son and wife +3 of their 4 kids sleeping in various rooms. I’m afraid to make a sound. No idea how long its going on either. I do love having them here. Did you ever meet Jyll? Anyway..

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