land of the free

I heard a racket in front of the house and looked out my front window to see a bald eagle in the road being harrased by crows.  The eagle picked up a little road kill snack and flew into a tree in my neighbor’s front yard.  This is only the second or third time this has happened in the 6+ years we have lived here, all in the last year too. It always amazes me how large they are, you forget when all you see is pictures. 

I remember in the 70s when they were put on to the endangered species list am so happy that these birds have made such a quick recovery, as many species who are listed never recover.


One thought on “land of the free

  1. Ok, that is REALLY cool. Little too urban here to see eagles in the city – but there’s usually a loon or two that spends the summer in the middle of Lake Calhoun (about 15 blocks from me) – it’s really cool to be walking there early in the morning and hear loons.

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