how could that be?

The bread has been cut and toasted for the stuffing and the pumpkin pie is in the oven.  Because of Bubba’s diet I can’t just buy these things anymore, like I used to.  Oh, well, it’s not hard, just a bit of time.

While getting ready to make the pie I had a bit of a shock.  I don’t own a 9″ pie pan!  How can that be?  I’ve make pies before and I know I had a 9″ pie pan, but, tonight, no 9″ pie pan.  I sent hubby out to find a 9″ pie pan.  Yeah, right, the night before Thanksgiving, good luck on that one.  All he could find was a 9 1/2″, so that’s what he brought home and that’s what I used.  The only trouble it that the 9 1/2″ pie pan is meant for deep dish pie.  It’s not going to be pretty, but, hey, it’s pie.


3 thoughts on “how could that be?

  1. Lol, I had the same problem! Except with a graham cracker crust in a tin. Pies gonna be short..but pumpkin cheese cake/pie is yummy so who cares.
    Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. We just had the same thing happen! We just moved and I think that box is just gone…it was the husband’s birthday, so we used a heart shaped cake tin for the pie.

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