dang it's cold

Do you see that?  15 degrees!!  It just doen’t get that cold around here, at least not at this time of year!  This is just below the legal limit, in my opinion, just not allowed.  This is the Pacific NW, we don’t have real weather, we have bland weather.  I drizzles, summers are mild without humidity, winters are mild: we (usually) have to mow our lawns year round, I’ve heard tell of people mowing in late December!

Today was Snow Day II, and we’re waiting to see if the kids have school tomorrow, Seattle doesn’t but I’m still waiting to hear on our school district. If there isn’t I think the kids and I will do some baking, maybe try out the recipe for Blue Ribbon Bread in Vegan Lunch Box, it looks yummy.  Or maybe some zucchini or pumpkin bread to stick in the freezer.

Today I did actually venture out of the house, I had to hit the grocery store as the pantry was starting to look a little bare and since the LYS called to say my pattern (Spinner’s Shawl – finally) was in, I figured I should go ahead and swing by.  I mean, I was out anyway . . . umm . . . and I have to be prepared for the snow storm . . . ya know . . . ‘cuz I don’t have anything to work on here . . . at . . . umm . . . Ok, I’m not even buying it at this point.  The kids sat down and had a cookie while I was grabbing the pattern.  Deb, Victoria, and Brad (yes, Brad works at the yarn shop) were having their lunch and the kids were talking their ears off, shy my kids are not.  When Bubba was finished he kept telling Brad, “Mis’er, I done. Mis’er? Mis’er?”  I was very cute, guess you had to be there, but really it was.

I have a small confession to make, too.  You know the story about the shoemakers children having no shoes?  I had to raid my Dulaan Project stash for mittens for Bubba to wear in this cold weather.  I know, I have knit mittens for Dulaan but have I knit mittens for my own kids? The answer would be no! The shame. The shame. So, now I will be knitting more mittens for the orphans in Mongolia, many more mittens.


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