everyone knows it's windy

Do any of the locals remember that  commercial from the 80s?  It was for KIRO news with Harry Wapler singing weather songs, “Singing in the Rain’ in the shower and such.

We are supposed to get winds upto 65mph tonight.  We’re prepared for the power to go out; crank flashlights, crank emergency radio with AM/FM/TV/weather.  The candles are ready.  I went to the store to pick up some no cook foods, and now all we can do is wait.

We’re watching the Seahawks game until the power goes, then we’ll listen on the radio.  Just hoping all this rain and wind doesn’t knock one of those leaning trees over, and into the house. 


3 thoughts on “everyone knows it's windy

  1. Whooooo-baby, it was windy here last night! We were watching the 11pm news with reports of the coming wind, and then our power went out. Luckily, it was only out until about 2pm today. Good thing—it was starting to get a little chilly in here! Did you lose your power?

  2. Our power was out for 2 days. My brother in Kenmore is still out. CB antenna was all nestled in the apple tree. Tv antenna was tapping on the skylight till we open it and shoved it off the edge of the roof. I love my woodstove!! Cooked dinner and massive amounts of TEA on it. Noticed Village Y&T wasn’t answering their phones and just heard they are still out down that way.. sigh!! Hope you did ok.

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