is it spring?

A week or so ago I was knitting with Amy and the conversation turned to home.  She had bought a condo and decorated it and loved how it felt like home.  My house, not so much. 

I went to the libray and picked up a few books, do you see a theme?

Hubby and I bought our house almost seven years ago, the house is small (1085sqft) but we have a large lot (½ acre) with the idea that you can always add onto the house, but you can’t add onto the lot. We spent all our money on the house and had very little nothing left to decorate it. Having been together for almost 18 years and living together (married or not) for most of that time, we rented apartments, houses, we even lived with my parents for a period of time while we were finishing school and house hunting. Our decorating style could be called . . . oh, hell, who am I kidding, what style? We have several hand-me-down pieces, and a collection of items that just don’t really go together. We also have two young children and the idea of buying new furniture makes me nervous; hand prints, spills, bodily fluids *shudder*, but I am tired of feeling like a renter in my own home. 

This spring/summer I going to construct some built-in bookshelves, a whole wall of them.  I’m painting and putting up some real art on the walls.  We are getting new curtains, the ones we have currently are horrible.  A slipcover for the loveseat and a cushion for the wicker chair.  

I have been on a cleaning and organizing kick this last week. For the last couple of years I have been yapping on about how deep our coat closet is and how we should put shelves in the back of the closet for our DVD/VHS collection. Well, I finally pulled my head out, took some measurements and headed off to the Big Box Home Improvement Center.  I had the wood cut (actually didn’t have to wait forever), came home, moved the hanging bar forward and whacked this together. (mouseover)

The next day I completely cleaned out the closet in Hubby’s and my bedroom.   Hubby is a clothes horse, and there is a lot he doesn’t wear.  There is now a large bag of clothes for the thrift shop, a couple of things to sell on e-bay and a whole lot of stuff that is just being thrown away.  I need to get some plastic shoe boxes for my side of the closet but aside from that it is completely cleaned out. 

The next thing to tackle is the under bed.  I want to get some underbed boxes and store my yarn there.  Right now the stash is in a large steamer trunk sitting in the hallway.  It’s in the way, but there is nowhere else to put the trunk, I want to empty it and get rid of it, it’s just too big for this little house. 

The biggest thing I need to do is just de-clutter.  We have boxes in the garage that have not be opened since we moved in . . . almost seven years ago!  Holey Carp!


7 thoughts on “is it spring?

  1. Looks like you have been busy. Think you’re interested in heading to the Madrona Fiber Festival on the 25th? I think we have a carpool going.

  2. This style is called “Early Goodwill” and it passes eventually. We’re still in “High Ikea” but someday I’ll have real furniture if I have to build it myself.

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