back from the dead

When last I posted I was happily knitting away on hats for Dulaan, whacking together shelves and de-cluttering closets. Oh, how quickly things change.

Saturday was Bug’s 7th b’day party, I went out in the morning to pick up some party favors and the cake. While I was out I developed a little cough, nothing big, no problem, just a little cough. We had Bug’s party at the bowling alley, and let me just say, it was a big hit with the 6-7yo crowd. For a portion of the party they turned out the lights, had a light show and cranked up the tunes. One of the girls told me that this was the “best place ever”. It was also a hoot watching some of the other moms dancing to YMCA. After the party we came home to decompress, eat more cake, feed the kids and put them to bed. By this time I started to feel really rough and I went to bed early.

I remember very little about Sunday. I woke up alternately freezing and burning up. Between shots of Nyquil I slept. The fever made we sweat like a menopausal elephant, I lost 5lbs, no lie.

Bug is sick now, too. Hubby stayed home on Monday to take care of us and now he’s sick and missed work Tuesday, but figures if he misses work tomorrow his boss will be all over his ass, sick or not. Today was a snow day for the kids and who knows if they will be in school tomorrow or not, depends on how icy it is. Either way I’m sure they will be staying home, sick.

It seems I have been sick since Thanksgiving, and I have. Just before Thanksgiving I went into our Dr’s office to get Bubba’s vaccination records so he could start Pre-school and two days later I got sick. Thursday I took Bug into the Dr’s office for her toe and Saturday I got sick. Coincidence? I think not!

Today I am feeling better, except for my knee (I’m not exactly sure what I did to it, but it hurts like a mother, but do I want to go back to the plague factory?), so now I get to take care of the sick kiddos and pick up the pieces from when I was sick.

Woohoo, good times!


One thought on “back from the dead

  1. Oh, that sucks!! I’m sending you lots of “stay healthy” thoughts. Seems like a lot of people are getting these evil colds that linger – my brother and SIL really should think about getting a “Plague House” welcome mat, I swear!

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