to shapey

Some of you may remember last summer when I made Hubby the hat.  He disliked the hat.  He couldn’t say exactly why he disliked the hat, just didn’t like it.  Okay, fine, no more knitting for you, Hubby.

For this last holiday season I made socks for several of the male gift recipients, Hubby was made to model them for the blog and he kept asking when I was going to make any for him.  Never.  A few weeks ago I was working on a scarf which was based on some I had seen Amy knititng.  

Pattern: none – 18sts 1×1 rib alternating yarns every two rows
Yarn: Noro Kureyon – 147 & 157 (one new, one from stash)

Hubby loves this scarf.  Loves the way the colors change.  Loves how loud it is. Loves. The. Scarf.

“So you’d like a hat like this?”

“Oh, yeah!”

“Okay . . . sure.”

i don’t think I will ever understand this man.  This is the same guy, who while we were furniture shopping, didn’t like certain pieces because they were . . . “to shapey”.  WTF?

I went to my LYS and picked up two more skeins of Noro, one was the brightest one I could find and the other more subdued.  I cast on Thursday night and finished it on Saturday.   He loves it.  I think it is the loudest, most horrible hat I have ever seen. Okay, maybe not EVER, but close.

(yes, I know it needs to be blocked)

pattern:  Ann Norling #55 – Head Huggers
yarn:  Noro Kureyon
cast on:  January 25th   cast off:  January 27th
notes:  Oh, I lined it with some Pashmina it picked up on clearance New Years Day at the LYS. 


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