no self control at all

Think my husband will notice this sitting in the living room?  Me, either.

I headed out this morning with Anne to go and take a look at the wheel. 

Okay, it wasn’t that smooth.  I headed to the bank to hit the ATM and the armored car was there, 10 minutes the guys with the guns said.  So I parked and went inside with Bubba in tow, got the cash and headed off again.  About half way to Anne’s I realized I had left the instructions to her house sitting on the table at home.  Turned around, got the instructions and we were off again.  When we finally arrived and inspected the wheel Anne gave it her seal of approval.

The wheel does need some love.  It is an older Ashford Traditional and came with a lazy kate and seven bobbins. The wood is quite dry and needs to be oiled as do the works.  It is missing the break band tension knob (see arrow in photo below) so I’ll be heading off to Home Depot to see if a peg can be found to fit.  The flyer only has one ratio, but at this point I think one is more than enough and, in the far distant future, a new flyer with more ratios can always be purchased.

If you don’t hear from me in the next few days it’s because I’m oiling my wheel.


7 thoughts on “no self control at all

  1. Oh I love the SEAL.. thats awesome!! What a fun site. Husband said he’d love to make a peg for you. He didn’t think a dowel would work cuz it needs to be tapered. He just needs the wheel to measure and fit.

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