I came, I saw, I bought stuff.

I wasn’t able to take any classes this year, but I did hit the marketplace.

The socks, they do rock.

medium weight Nodding Violet, heavy weight Highway 30

I wasn’t really looking for a heavyweight sock yarn, but I loved the colorway so much and they didn’t have it in med or light so heavy it is.  I’ll make a pair of nice thick socks to wear with Berks.

Yarn and pattern from Two Swans.  I have been looking at this pattern online for quite a while, so when I saw them there I went ahead and purchased it.   I have a SIL who collects tea pots and I was thinking this would be a nice gift for next x-mas. 

This sock yarn is from So Much Yarn and is in Seahawks colors, will end up being socks for Hubby.  Just to make sure I don’t run out of yarn I will do the heels and toes in a solid.

 A couple of roving variety packs from The Dizzy Ewe.


Roving from Crown Mountain Farms.  Yes, it is quite brite, I like to think of it as cheerful.

Gee, guess I’ll have to figure out how that spinning wheel works.


6 thoughts on “madrona

  1. that watermelon fiber is beautiful! and i loved the seahawks and mariners yarn. i should have picked some up. darn.

    and i too bought some heavyweight str, i fell in love with the colorway and they didn’t have it in lightweight (downpour i think)

  2. Hi Ginger – You will love spinning with the crown mountain corriedale! I bought some at OFFF in the fall and that’s what I used for my spinners’ shawl. I bought two more last weekend – one in Ocean and one in Tourlamine. It is really nice to spin! See you soon.

  3. Hey Ginger – come visit me and I’ll take you to the mill that made your Shetland yarn! Went there on a school trip a few years back! 😉

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