The Tomten is finished at last.


pattern:  Tomten by Elizabeth Zimmermann
yarn:  Dulaan Avalanche Yarn 
cast on:  December ’06   cast off:  January 31st
notes:  Bubba isn’t frowning, he’s saying cheese, sort of.  This is one warm/heavy jacket and I forgot how much yarn garter stitch eats up.  I prolly could have used less buttons, but I didn’t want it to gap in the cold Mongolian winters. 




6 thoughts on “tomten

  1. Fabulous tomten!!

    I’m planning on making two of these for my boys soon and am trying to decide about yarn. The yarn I have in mind is a bulky weight – is that what the yarn you used is?

  2. That looks like a fabulous use for the Avalanche yarn! Some Mongolian child will be blessed indeed to have something so warm and so darned cute! Here via Zimmermaniacs…

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