what a weekend

The weekend started on Friday with Knit Night at Village Yarn & Tea.  Not only was it Knit Night, but it was Pajama Party Knit Night with the Yarn Pirate.  She created a special colorway called Village using the shop’s colors and I got caught up in the hysteria (they were handing out numbers for selecting YP yarn, limit two skeins until everyone had a chance, no kidding) and purchased not only the Village colorway, but also Crocus.

I met up there with several knitting friends; Debi, Emma, Amy, and met a new friend, Sam.  I forgot my camera, so, no pics from that night, sorry.  

Emma was spinning silk hankies that she had hand dyed, it was so cool to watch her . . . poke a hole . . . pull . . . stretch . . . abuse the silk . . . then spin . . . amazing! 

Amy brought her whole polymer clay set up so people could make buttons for the wristbands for the Breast Cancer 3-day Walk, I didn’t get a chance to make one and I wish I had now.  Amy also brought in some pink ribbon stitch markers and all the money from the sale of the markers goes to the same project, I bought one and it has already been put to use on my current knitting project.

Saturday is the regular knitting group at noon-ish, Emma and I decided to bring our wheels and this is what I was able to get spun while there.


Kim brought in roving she had hand dyed for the shop, some of it ended up comming home with me.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.


That evening and Sunday I spent time working on the Saddle Shoulder Sweater for Bubba, but I took a break and made these for the kids for lunch.


No, I didn’t make Twinkies for lunch, they’re corndogs made in a Twinkie pan – Twinkiedogs!  The kids love them.  Make up a batch of your favorite cornbread batter, fill pan about 1/2 way and push 1/2 of a bun length hotdog (I use kosher hotdogs, I like to think they have fewer lips and tails in them) most of the way into the batter, the batter will rise up to cover the hotdog.


9 thoughts on “what a weekend

  1. Lips and tails are the best parts! 🙂
    I love the way that purple spun up, nice job. I’ll have to show you what trouble I’ve been getting into this Saturday. I’m going to have to figure out how to najavo ply now.

  2. Your Yarn Pirate skeins look so pretty all wound into nice little cakes! Those corndogs look great! I use Kosher dogs for the same reason—I don’t like to think about “parts”—eeeek!

  3. Ginger, Beautiful balls of YP (and expertly wound I note). My hours, you ask? (in the event extra corn dog twinkies remain!) 3-8 today (thurs.) and noon-5 (sat.). Those twinkies really do look yummy (i am embarrassed to admit). Imagine coating each dog with a thick layer of Philly cream cheese before embedding it — upon biting, it really would look like a twinkie! Hope to see you today and/or Sat. Bradford

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