sunday is for spinning

At least yesterday was.  I had two full bobbins sitting, waiting, for me to ply them together.  One purple, one gray, the first two full bobbins I had spun on my wheel.  I plied them together and ended up with about 125yds of thick and thin yarn. 

I still had some of the purple and gray roving left over, so I went ahead and spun it up and plied it, too.  About 30yds, much more even than the previous skeins.

I still have a little left to ply, so I will do that later today.

I can see a big difference between the first (gray) bobbin and what I spun up yesterday . . .

How do you get to Carnegie Hall lace sock weight yarn? 
Practice, practice, practice.

* Sorry for the bad picture, it’s very overcast and rainy today.

6 thoughts on “sunday is for spinning

  1. Your yarn looks great! It is waaay better than my “first year” yarns. Do you have plans for it?

    I picked up three of those Fiber Artist slivers from VYT. The first I “whapped” into 75 yards of nearly worsted, 3 hours total. The second I’m 9.5 hours into the spinning with another 2 of spinning and probably 2 of plying (chained singles) left. I’m hoping for 400 yards of “thinner than sock weight”…the waiting is killing me.

  2. Nice job Ginger! I can’t wait to see it on Saturday.

    Thanks again for the Cougar Gold. I’m not ashamed to admit I broke off a chunk and stood in my kitchen munching on it yesterday.

  3. Hey that looks great – you’ll be at fingering weight in no time! Enjoy the thick and thin stuff too though. I’m finding that figuring out the different ratios on my wheel helps alot too.

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