now what?

I’m between projects right now, and am not feeling inspired to start another project.

Okay, I still need to graft the underarms of the Saddle Shoulder Sweater, but, for all intents and purposes, I’m between projects.

Okay, okay, and the February Sweater is still only half finished, but I don’t want/need to work on that right now. 

No, I ripped the Flower Basket Shawl, it isn’t an WIP/UFO any more. =P

Last week I tried to knit a lace scarf. I say tried because I failed miserably. The pattern is the Trellis Scarf by Evelyn Clark from the Spring ‘06 IK. It is a lovely pattern, even with the 7 into 5 clusters, or maybe because of them. I made the mistake of trying to knit it with a hand painted yarn.  Lace = solid yarn.  I tried one yarn, then another, started the cast-on in a different place in the color pattern, changed needle size; nothing helped, it still pooled in an unappealing (to me) way. Shoot. I had imagined random pooling of purple in a sea of green, purple flowers on a vine covered trellis. Instead I ended up with zigzagging pools of purple and green. Yuck. Rip. Rip. Rip.

The picture was taken just after I had finished the edge chart.  I knit a full repeat of the body chart before deciding I didn’t like the pooling.

I think the problem is that I have to many projects I want to start, right now (in no particular order).

  • Millie (Louisa Harding Bk 5) – I had planned on knitting this sweater for Bug from some Maggie’s Merino Aran, in a lovely sky blue, from my stash, but the more I thought about it the more I figured Bug would prefer it in a more ‘girley’ color. So, I picked up some luscious pink Rowan Summer Tweed while at the LYS this week. Summer Tweed?! For a child’s sweater?!! Yes, apparently, I am crazy.
  • Skipper (Louisa Harding Bk 5) for Bubba from the Maggi’s Merino Aran I had originally planned for Millie (above).
  • Swallowtail Shawl — I want need to knit this shawl, but keep changing my mind about what yarn I want to use:  Misty Alpaca called for in the pattern, Sea Silk or something else from stash.
  • Estonian Garden Shawl — the LYS has this one knitted up in Frog Tree Alpaca Sport, it’s lovely. I have some Frog Tree in my stash, but not enough (short one skein), and I bought it long enough ago that they no longer have the same dye lots/colors in stock.  If I wnat to knit this one I’ll have to buy new yarn.  Not what I was planning.
  • Ellen’s Shawl — this is a shop pattern from my LYS, I originally bought the Sea Silk for this pattern, but now I’m not sure if I want to use the Sea Silk for the Swallowtail Shawl.
  • Socks – to much sock yarn, need to knit socks, want to knit socks.
  • Something for Dulaan — I still have quite a bit of the Dulaan Avalanche Yarn in my stash and there are a couple of patterns in The Yarn Girls’ Guide to Knits for Older Kids that I would like to try out. Dulaan knitting has become my fall-back knitting lately. Don’t know what to knit – knit for Dulaan.
  • Heartland Lace Shawl by Evelyn Clark from Wild Fibers Magazine — just waiting for the charts to be published on the website.

So much yarn, so little time.

5 thoughts on “now what?

  1. Those 7 into 5 clusters are killers and I think you are right, the beautiful handpainted yarn would have hidden the pattern.
    You have some great choices for upcoming projects – I LOVE the Estonian Garden Shawl – probably my favorite shawl that I have made. I’ve never see the Heartland Lace until I followed your link – That is beautiful too. Decisions, decisions!! Have Fun….

  2. I know that feeling – so many options that I feel a bit overwhelmed and just grab some Project Spectrum-themed yarn from my stash and make another pair of socks…

  3. I am right there with you. I have a few things in progress that need some finishing/reworking and I just don’t feel like tackling right now. I love the stage of picking a new project…can’t wait to see what you pick!

  4. You could put the names of all the potential projects into a hat and pick one….and then grab the one you *really* wanted to knit in the first place and start on that 😉

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