bad news

I just got a call from Hubby’s Uncle and Hubby’s Grandpa passed away last night.  Hubby is taking it as well as can be expected.  Grandpa was in his 90s and the last time we saw him, last summer, he had gotten quite frail.  He had also been battling skin cancer, so this wasn’t a total surprise.

Grandpa Carter was a pioneer in Washington wine making, here are a couple of articles from when he was nominated for the Legends Hall of Fame.

7 Wine Pioneers to Get Awards
Washington Wine Pioneers Nominated for “Legends” Hall of Fame


5 thoughts on “bad news

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s grandfather – he sounds like he was a really cool person.

    And sorry that I haven’t commented sooner – all my blogs that posted on 3/19 but not since have fallen into some sort of weird bloglines vortex…

  2. Sorry for your family’s loss. Also, sorry I did not see this sooner–it seems that bloglines has not been keeping up with the feeds very well. I just got this today. I’ll have a glass of wine in honor or grandpa, and send heart-healing wishes to you and your family. hugs.

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