project spectrum

Project Spectrum knitting for February/March
Blue – Gray – White

While I enjoyed the blue/gray/white of February and March, I am looking forward to the brighter pink/green/yellow of April and May.  I know that the colors for April and May are not necessarily brighter; mustard yellow, olive & forest green and some of the darker pinks are just that – darker.  But, my mind’s eye sees sunny yellows, spring greens, soft pinks . . . spring grass, new leaves on trees, yellow crocus, forsythia and cherry blossoms. 

Spring is in the air! 

Oh, the possibilities!


8 thoughts on “project spectrum

  1. Wow! You were really productive in the Project Spectrum department. ALL very nice! Could you please pass along a little of your knitting speed and skill so I can actually finish one project a month? :p

  2. Wow you got a lot more done for Project Spectrum than I did. I think I got one thing done. Quite pathetic really.

    Will you be at VY&T on Saturday? I need a Ginger fix!

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