last and first

I finished my last February-March Project Spectrum  project a day late, but I’m still counting it.

pattern:  Knitting Pure & Simple #245 Children’s Easy Lightweight Sock
yarn:  Regia 4ply Patch Antik Colors #5759-Jeans
gauge: 8spi on Susan Bates US1 DPNs
cast on:  March (mid month, I think)  cast off:  April 1st
notes:  These socks were fun to knit.  I knit the pattern as written except for grafting the toes instead of just gathering and pulling.  Yes, the socks are matchy matchy and I pulled out sections of color so the heels and toes would be solid.  I wish I had done the same for the ribbing at the top of the sock, oh well.  Even with the sections I pulled out I still have almost half a ball left, 49g of a 100g ball.  I may make him another pair from the same yarn, just shorter, or make a pair of toddler socks for the Dulaan Project.

I also finished my first Project Spectrum project for April-May.  A Ballband Dishcloth, I know, you’re shocked.

I’m not going to bore you with the details . . . I’ll just point out that it has all three PS colors.  I ran out of green for the background (I knew it was going to be close, but I didn’t think I would run out) so I grabbed some yellow to finish off the last few rows.  Very spring!

Right now I am working on the Moss Grid Hand Towel from Mason-Dixon Knitting, only one repeat and the border to go then I can throw it into the washer and dryer and see how it turns out.  Have. To. Trust. The. Yarn.

4 thoughts on “last and first

  1. Love those ballbands! Your pic reminded me that I need to get the cotton back out and make a few more—I love the spring colors of yours 🙂

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