hand towel

0704mossgridtowel pattern: Moss Grid Hand Towel from Mason-Dixon Knitting
yarn: Louet Euroflax
needles: Boye NeedleMaster US5
cast on: April 3rd  cast off: April 7th
notes:  This was a farely quick knit, well, yes, it is only a hand towel.  The pattern was not intuitive for me so I had to keep looking at the pattern to see which line was next.  A row counter was very necessary on this project.

I was a bit worried about knitting with the Euroflax, it seems so stiff, but it really wasn’t bad to knit with and I love the softness and drape of the towel after washing.  I got gauge with the US5s, but if I make another one I’ll go down a needle size as I think the fabric of the towel ended up being a little loose.

Oh, I did learn that when knitting a hand towel, it might be best to lie about it.  Even your knitting friends will raise their eyebrows and ask why you would do something like that.


4 thoughts on “hand towel

  1. I never asked you why you were knitting a hand towel! You even inspired me to start one! Yours looks great! Is that after washing? I think I might have to rip mine (again). I did two swatches, but it seems like it’s even looser than yours was when I saw it. How much did it tighten up? It looks nice and soft in the picture. I actually had to go UP a needle size to make the guage, but now I’m wondering if that was a smart choice…I was just worried that with only one skein, I would run short if my guage wasn’t right…

  2. Hee hee – I haven’t knit one for that very reason… And because it seems like I should have a more noble purpose for the $$$ Euroflax. But I bet it feels wonderful!

  3. It’s beautiful! Would love to see a post about how it does its job, too — does it feel good when you dry your hands on it? If it’s fuzzy, it might feel a little creepy on wet hands, but maybe the texture is “just right” — do tell!!! 🙂

    An example in the reverse: Last summer I knit a baby blanket out of leftover cotton dishcloth yarn. I was a little afraid it’d turn limp and dishraggy after going through the wash, but actually it held its shape nicely and felt terrific. I imagine it was much more pleasant than a wooly/fuzzy blanket when it came to toting a newborn around in August!

  4. Did I raise my eyebrows? It was in envy, not derision. I have some worsted weight pure linen that would make lovely towels, and I could put little buttons and tabs on the top to attach them to the oven door handle… hm, new project in the queue…. at least it’s from stash!

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