I blame the wool fumes

A week or so ago Emma and I decided we would go the the Seattle Knitting Expo so we could buy more roving.  Crown Mountian Farms was going to be there, and I love how the pencil roving I have from them is spinning up.  Must buy more pencil roving.  Then last night Emma e-mails me about a warehouse sale on Craigslist.  A yarn warehouse sale who’s address Googles as the Cascade Yarns warehouse, just over the freeway from the Expo . . . bitch.

This morning I got up before the birds, as my husband, the morning person, pointed out.  I picked up Annie, who’s arm I twisted last night to come with us (right!), and then we cruised over to Emma’s so we could pile into her car to make the pilgrimage to the Seattle Knitting Expo.

We made great time and were there about ten minutes early, and had to stand outside the doors peering in at all the yarn and roving, and drool wait.

The first place we dumped a load of cash purchased a bit of roving was at Reflection Farm Wool Products.    We all had a difficult time choosing which lovely roving(s) to take home with us.  See how much Emma loves her roving.

Emma and her roving

We also left some money at Crown Mountian Farms and Williams Wools & Weaving (no website yet). We bought a bit of roving between the three of us.

little bit of rovingÂÂ

We staggering out of Expo with our credit cards smoking.  Since the warehouse sale didn’t start for half an hour we stopped for a bit of refreshment.  Bolstered by hashbrowns and beverages, we made the trek to the Cascade Yarns warehouse . . . where we bought a bit of yarn . . .

little bit of yarn

The yarn was hard to resist, $20 for a 10 skein bag.  At those prices it’s lucky we walked out with as little as we did.

Ok, here is the final damage:
Reflection Farm #78
15.9oz of color #78 from Reflection Farms


8oz Superwash – Good Vibrations
8oz Pencil Roving – Promise of Spring
from Crown Mountian Farms


Gray Merino from Williams Wools & Weaving
(could be 2.5lbs, but I may have to deny it)

Revolution - neon green

2 bags Revolution, green for shrug for Bug, pink/gray/black for felted bag for me; 1 bag of 128 Tweed, natural


9 thoughts on “I blame the wool fumes

  1. When you break it down it doesn’t look that bad! Besides half of your purchases were dirt cheap yarn.
    I have yet to take a photo of the individual purchases. I’m very afraid.

  2. I should have gone, I should have gone. Shoot. Drat. I at least will get to see you spin it all up! Glad you had a great time!!

  3. Woweeee. That’s enough to send me into a coma right there. $20 for a 10-skein bag?! I shudder to think what damage I would have done (if it wasn’t for the fact that I live nowhere near Cascade’s warehouse. lol)

  4. I have the shakes just looking at it.

    Went to the beach this weekend, stayed in a little tee-niney-weenie town (Ocean Park). Nearly blew a tire out when I spotted a yarn store at the tip of the peninsula. I didn’t get as much as you, but I bet I spent as much!

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