We have just put Bubba, and the rest of the family (I am not not a short order cook and I will not be making something different for each member of the family at every meal), on a gluten free/casein free diet.  For those of you who don’t know what that means; it means no wheat, rye, barley, oats, cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream, etc, etc, etc.  This is not easy and not cheap, but necessary.

Tonight I made Twinkiedogs, but with these ingredients . . .

I was a bit worried about how they would turn out, but I used a recipe for the cornbread from a GF cookbook called Cooking Free, and they turned out really well.  The kids liked them and that’s the real test.


8 thoughts on “gfcf

  1. Oh, gosh. I had to go on a diet free of all milk products (including anything with casein and whey) when I was breastfeeding my daughter. I was a LOT of work to find stuff that I could eat, and it was very expensive. I felt hungry ALL the time. I can’t imagine having to give up all gluten, as well. You really are left with very little “normal” stuff to eat.

    Good luck!

  2. I know more people than I can count who have to eat this way, so many in fact, that I half believe that no one is really supposed to be consuming any of those ingredients into their bodies. All this to say – it is worth it to keep on that new eating lifestyle; whomever is sick will feel much much better in time. It’s frustrating, expensive and at times not appetizing, but worth it!

  3. I have several friends with celiac, and I’d highly highly recommend any of the “Gluten Free Gourmet” books. The boys were allergic to a whole host of foods when they were smaller, so I’ve been through the mill of avoiding wheat, soy, dairy, corn….yadda yadda. Not easy, but worth it if it helps in terms of health. By the way, I live right next to Bob’s Red Mill and they have a ton of Gluten free products (bread and pancake mixes, all the alternative flours you’d ever want, etc.), so let me know if I can send anything out your way.

  4. I’m gluten free/dairy free and have been for over 10 years – it’s initially a little overwhelming, but once you get used to looking at the world that way, it isn’t bad. 🙂

  5. Best of luck to you. I’m glad that the recipe was well-liked and I hope you find more like it. Our daughter is dairy-sensitive, but it seems to only pertain to cow’s milk so she gets soy to drink. hear hear to not being a short-order cook. so tiring, that is.

  6. It gets easier! I think I eat better now on a gluten-free diet. Good luck! There are a lot of sources for support and recipes online. Check out and some of the gluten-free blogs. And I totally agree about the short-order cook thing- no way! I only make dinner once! =)

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