why, yes, I have been knitting

. . . and it has been all about the charity knitting (and joining more KALs, I am a sucker fot the KALs).

First, I joined the Charmed Knits KAL and knit these Slytherin hats.


All three are knit from the House Hat Pattern at the Charmed Knits KAL blog.  I really enjoyed knitting the 2 beanies, the double decreases are neat and make the hats just a little different from the average beanie.  The beret, I have to say, wasn’t my favorite. It was quick enough to knit, I just wasn’t thrilled the finished product.  This is totally a personal preference, I like a flatter top on a beret.

Which lead to knitting more hats for the Dulaan Project.



The top five hats are from some skeins of Kid ‘n Ewe from my stash.  The yarn was originally purchased to knit a sweater for my daughter, but I didn’t knit it, and she grew.  Darn kids.  No real pattern just a basic hat.

The bottom two hats were knit from some Brown Sheep Burley Spun, also from stash, using the Avalanche Hat pattern(pdf). The bottom hat is just a variation on the pattern.

Then I joined Norma’s Magic 28 KAL, and knit up some socks for Dulaan.  I see this KAL as an excuse to use up some of my sock yarn stash.  I doubled the yarn and it works perfectly.

Magic 28: pair 1     Magic 28: pair 2
Pairs 1 and 2 were knitted from discontinued Knit Picks sock  yarn I bought a year or so ago Paper Dolls and Daffodil.  I am able to get a pair from one skein (220yds) of yarn.

Magic 28: sock 5      Magic 28: sock 6
Socks 5 and 6 were knitted from Knit Picks Pansy.  The first sock I knit double stranded without matching the colors, the second I did match the colors.  I have another skein and will knit up matching socks from it.

I’ve started keeping a Magic 28 sock by the computer, so I can work on one while surfing blogs, and I keep one in my purse for knitting emergencies.


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