chickie baby

The week has flown by and it’s time for another chick update.

Reba 5/7/07

Dixie 5/7/07
Dixie is getting her pretty buff feathers
and loosing the yellow baby fluff.

Wynona 5/7/07
Wynona – not happy about the photo shoot
and expressed her feelings about it, but I
edited those feelings out of the photo.


5 thoughts on “chickie baby

  1. Hi Ginger! Re the knit fetus–yes, I’m twisted enough to think it’s funny too. Gross, but funny. Even the instructions for how to make one include ways to make it more gross. haha! I guess it wasn’t as apparent as I thought on my post that I was having fun with the whole thing. My eyes didn’t really burn and water, and I don’t even have a therapist. Besides, I’m a nurse—it takes WAY more than that to offend me! 🙂

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