did you say sale?

Why, yes, it appears you did . . .

This last weekend was the Great Yarns! Spring Sale, I went on Friday and picked up a bit of yarn.

First was some gray Maggi’s Merino Aran.  It’s a light gray basic yarn, not very exciting, or photogenic, but will make a lovely sweater for one of the kids. Maybe, gasp, an aran.


Red yarn


Next was it gi-normous hank of red yarn.  I can’t find the tag but I know it’s wool, 540 yds, and a bulky weight yarn.  The colors go from a bright red to almost burgundy, and it called out to me for the Red Scarf Project 2008 (or Dulaan since RSP is limiting the # of scarves next year), maybe as My So Called Scarf or Yarn Harlot’s One Row Scarf.

Tahki Yarns Shannon

Lastly, was this Tahki Yarns Shannon.  Love. This. Yarn.  While working on the sweater at Saturday knitting group, I may have mentioned wanting to marry this yarn, I love it so much.  Leaving my husband to marry this yarn was discouraged by my fellow knitters.  It’s for the best, I think.

Shannon KPS Sweater

I cast on this sweater Friday night.  This may be the quickest yarn turn around, ever, usually yarn has to age quite a bit before I use it.  No strange pooling, swirling, or anything disagreeable of that sort.  The pattern is Knitting Pure & Simple #9730.

They always have a bin of free patterns and magazines, so picked up one of each.  Most are older patterns, think 70s and 80s or earlier, but once in a while you find a real gem.  There was also a table of 1/2 price books, from which I picked up Knitting for Babies & Kids.  The book has its’ share of . . . interesting . . . patterns, but has enough classic patterns to be worth the price.


5 thoughts on “did you say sale?

  1. I’ve made 3 of the same Knitting Pure and Simple pullovers(except in adult size) . I almost never repeat a pattern, but this one is a gem! Beautiful yarn!!

  2. I adore the KP&S patterns! I wish she’d print them all in a book. But no, instead I keep forking out $5 for each one singly. See, she appears to be pretty smart because she probably already has at least $30 of my $, and a book probably wouldn’t cost that much and would have more patterns, eh? Anyway, looking good!

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