What the heck was I thinking?  Great idea, so much fun at the time, felt hung over the entire next day.  I think I’m getting to old . . .

I arrived just after 6pm, found a corner, cast on for my third Steppe Sweater (pdf) and got down to the business of knitting.  There were 20+ knitters, coffee, tea, and lots of food.  What a great combination!

While we knitted TMK blogged, so you can see the details here. (Did you know TMK is thinking of getting chickens?  Isn’t that great!  I almost had her convinced getting a duck to eat the slugs would be a great idea, but I think Ryan nixed that idea.  BTW, ducks lay eggs too, and they’re great for baking.)

The later (or earlier) it got them fewer of us there were.  I finally gave up at 4:30am, Jessica and I walked out at the same time.  When you have to think about how to do garter stitch you know it’s time to throw in the towel.  This is as far I made it on the Steppe Sweater . . .


. . . the body up to the armholes, one side of the front, and 1/2 of the other side of the front. For a size 10-13yrs, I figure that’s not to shabby for one night’s knitting.

I slept until about 11, but, as I mentioned before, felt hung over for the rest of the day.  Ugh!  Never again.  Well, maybe never.


10 thoughts on “dulaan-a-thaan

  1. If you read my blog entry for today, you’ll see I felt the same way, only for TWO days. I second your thought, sistah: What were we thinking?! But it was great to see you since we don’t get to see you very often. And thank you so much for being such a trouper!

  2. Hey – Where Are You??? I know that husband had his hours changed, but I miss not seeing you around! Yes, the Stole’n Bases pattern is available at VYT, $5 all of my proceeds from this pattern are going to my 3-day walk. Thanks for looking out for my stuff on Ravelry – only about 7000 people ahead of me, and I’ll be a cool kid too!

  3. Hey Miz Ginger, Checked, here today and you are no where to be seen!

    Whasup Everything ok?

    Have a few Maran Chicks, that can come your way 🙂
    Can you beleive school will be starting soon….

    Hey Forest park has a great splash pool now wanna meet sometime with the kids?

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