Over Memorial Day weekend Hubby’s brother, SIL and niece were out here from NY.  We all planned to get together on Sunday for dinner.  Although it was the end of May, I had not shipped nieces x-mas gift to her, because I had not sewn the lining.  The knitting was finished, but no lining had been sewn, and other knitting projects caught my attention.

Now the pressure was on, I had a week to get it done, no problem.  Sunday morning (yes, Sunday, shut up) I pulled out the sewing machine, rummaged thru the fabric stash, and the zipper stash (yes, I have a zipper stash) and sewed up the lining for Quinn.  While on the ferry boat, on the way to dinner, I sewed the lining into the bag, took photos on the dashboard and wrapped it.  The bag was gifted and very well received, even five months late.


pattern:  Quinn
yarn:  Cascade 220 Superwash
needles:  Clover Bamboo
notes:  I loved knitting this bag.  Ok, eventually I loved it.  I had some trouble at the beginning, but that was all operator error, nothing to do with the pattern it’s self.  The pattern is wonderfully well written and the results are amazing.  This pattern did offer some challanges for me, grafting in pattern, sewing in a zipper and lining , and knitting 12′ of i-cord (it was supposed to be 16′ but I gave up at 12′).  I was thrilled with the way the lining turned out and I was lucky to find an almost perfect zipper match.

Quinn: lining      Quinn: zipper


4 thoughts on “quinn

  1. Love the bag. And the lining is great; the pattern is so pretty. I’m so impressed. I have yet to attempt sewing a lining into a knitted bag (making the bag not as functional as I would like) b/c I sewing retarded.

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