spinning sunday

(for now I am going to pretend I hadn’t stopped blogging and continue on)

This has been a good week for spinning.  I spun up this roving  from Emma.  It still needs to be plyed, but it is all spun up.

But the big news is this . . .


a Kromski Sonata from Woodland Woolworks.

the new wheel!

I had been going back and forth on which wheel to buy, but finally decided on the Sonata because of portability.  We have a small house so having the Ashford in the living room all the time was not the best idea, and with two very inquisitive children, a wheel that can be packed away, well, out of sight is out of (the children’s) minds.  The Sonata has a very nice padded bag and the whole thing can be placed in the closet when I’m not spinning.  The Sonata bobbins are much larger than the ones for my Ashford, a big plus in my mind. The optional plying head and faster flyer add to the range of the Sonata.  I will be getting the plying head, but I think the faster flyer can wait, my spinning isn’t ready for it yet.

With my purchase, Woodland Woolworks sent 2lbs of targhee and 1lb of corridale cross.  No lack of fiber to spin here.

(It looks like I already have a buyer for the Ashford. I am not going to start collecting spinning wheels. Thanks Emma!)


9 thoughts on “spinning sunday

  1. Thanks for your input on the Sonata. I too have an Ashford and have been thinking of getting a more portable wheel for traveling. Good to see you are enjoying yours, and that bonus fiber sounds like a good deal too!

    Can’t wait to see more of your spinning….

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