welcome home

UPDATE: 8/26 MIL had surgery yesterday. She came through it fine, but it was a very long surgery. Thanks to all of you for keeping her in your thoughts.


get the birds, bubba

We arrived home today from a week at the ocean, less than an hour later we received a phone call that MIL had fallen and broken her arm.  Hubby rushed to the hospital and it turns out she broke her wrist in three places and will have surgery tomorrow to place a plate in her wrist and set the bones.  For now, she has been admitted and is being kept well medicated.

More about our trip, and knitting, later.


7 thoughts on “welcome home

  1. Oh that’s not good! I hope the surgery goes well and also the recovery. My mother fell and broke her wrist about 4 years ago and had to have surgery and pins put in (she was 72 at the time). It was very hard for her – it was her dominant hand plus she sews as her hobby. She was living by herself in a big house at the time and there wasn’t anyone to help her with daily stuff, not that she would have asked for help. On top of it all she was in the process of moving to a senior apartment (my sister and I traveled out there to help her). She had to do finger exercises while in the cast – your MIL will likely also. Afterward she saw a hand doctor for a while and today I believe her wrist is fully recovered but I do think her attention to the exercises helped – she wanted to be able to sew again.

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