vacation stories

Last Tuesday, while in Westport, Hubby and Dad went out fishing on a charter boat.  They got up before the ass crack of dawn and headed down to the marina for a day of fishing.

About 4 o’clock or so Mom and I and the kids headed down to the marina to see if we could be there when Hubby and Dad arrived back from their day of seeking Moby Salmon.  We happened to arrive just as the Discovery motored in the harbor.


Dad and Hubby both caught salmon, but Hubby’s was wild and it had to be thrown back, and they both caught their limits of rock cod. We feasted on salmon that night, the kids roasted hotdogs.

(Ryan & TMK: Do the fire pits look familier?)

Hubby went off to shower later that evening. Did you know fish could throw up? Apparently if you pull them up too fast, from too deep, they do. Who knew? Well, hubby found out. Captain Dave looked at him and said,”Huh, I had heard they could do that, but I’ve never actually seen it.” Hence the need for a shower. So, anyway, he heads off to the showers and a minute or so later this conversation happen between Dad and myself:

me:  I wonder if he took soap, I bet he forgot the soap.

Dad:  Oh, he could just use the soap by the sinks.

me:  No! He’d have to get out of the shower to get it.

Dad:  Well, he could. (he shrugs and laughs)

 A few minutes later Hubby returns from the ‘Comfort Station’ and I ask if he remembered to take the soap.  “Nope, I just used the soap at the sinks.”



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