OFFF part 2

 These are samples from my all day class on Friday with Susan Forsythe.

  class samples    silk merino from class

By the end of the class I had a need to buy fleeces, lots and lots of fleeces.  I had a need to flick them, to comb them, to card them and then finally to spin them.  I resisted, I guess it helps that the vendors were only setting up, not actually open.  In spite of that fact, I did manage to buy these . . .



Back at the hotel that night I finished off the Bluebells and Buttercups Superwash from Dragonfibers, and plied it.  Love the colors.

bluebells and buttercups superwash 

Saturday there was the much shopping, but no buying.  I know, I was shocked too.  My class in the afternoon produced these samples . . .

color class 

I learned how to andean ply in class.  I had tried it before, but this was the first time I had it work the way it’s supposed to.  The yarn barf on the bobbin, that we will not speak of, it is cursed. 

yummy alpaca

This beautiful skein of alpaca, from Sweet Grass Wool, was a birthday gift from Emma.  (Thanks Emma!)

Sunday was the parking lot fleece sale, where I walked away with a Finn lamb.  This is the softest fleece I have ever felt.  Look at that crimp.

finn lamb fleece     finn crimp

And this is the washed Romney from Iron Water Ranch

washed romney fleece 

Sampler packs from The Dizzy Ewe.  Breed Variety Pack:  BFL, Corriedale x, Shetland Moorit, Merino, Jacob, and FInn.  God’s Critters Variety Pack:  Angora Bunny, Tussah Silk, Fine Count Alpaca, Merino and Young Mohair.

sampler packs 

My last purchase of the day arrived today . . .


. . . and is now in the freezer.  

fresh lamb


4 thoughts on “OFFF part 2

  1. Mmmm… happy freezer! If it makes “thatsmymiddlename” feel better, I have a little fleece in my freezer… just a what happens if that I haven’t gotten to finish. The Finn looks beautiful.

  2. Susan’s class had the same effect on me, though my samples aren’t nearly as pretty as yours. I missed the start of the parking lot sale (hit Blue Moon instead) and the only Finn I saw was $60! Managed to resist that, but there might have been a little Shetland (in two colors)that followed me home instead. It will go nicely with my shiny new combs… 😉

  3. I wonder if your Finn fleece from Spot is a sister or brother to my Finn fleece from Freckles. Awwww.
    Now get cracking on some more of that Dragonfibers stash so you can get more 🙂

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